Formula #J418 – Emotional Support


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Dr. J.L. Johnson’s Product: Formula #J418.

Don’t let restless organ disorder get you down. It could be due to heart energy deficiency with liver energy stagnation marked by hysteresis irritability, un provoked sadness and crying spells, inability to control oneself, insomnia and weeping precipitated by very minor incidents. One might also have frequent yawning and spasms in the body.

For hundreds of years the Chinese believed that if you help the body to nourish the heart and spleen, reduce heart fire and support the body in relieving the depression of the liver, you can calm the mind.

Dr. J.L Johnson’s product #J418 has herbs to help nourish the heart and spleen and to help soften the liver through cleansing, regulating and replenishing the body.

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