About Us

Aloes For Life

“Today it’s not what we say that counts, it’s what we do. Whatever the mind can conceive the heart will achieve. Let’s take care of our body inside out!!” — R.Floyd/CEO

About The Store

Aloes for Life is service oriented. We offer natural health products, health counselings and teach people how to live a healthier lifestyle by cleansing, regulating and rejuvenating the body. We do not diagnose or treat disease; we offer only self-help methods to help you and your family to life a healthier life. The body has the ability to care for itself, when given the right nutrients.

When we learn how to cleanse the body and supply the nutrients it needs we will be amazed of the benefit derived from it. We offer individual customized formulas for any condition. We pride ourselves in giving the number one customer service since 2001.