Ms. G, it was the blessing from the Lord the day I heard you all on the Radio.  My life has been transformed.  I am sorry I did not meet you before I would have had my legs, but to God be the glory I still give thanks because I did not have to go on dialysis machine as I was told.  Since I started taking the Special Tea, along with the Daily Three I am a new person.  First my doctor did not believe in what I was doing but when she saw my result and how well I am doing she had to give in.  I took my Daily Three and showed it to her, she told me; if it works continue to take it. Now my kidneys are fine, blood pressure and blood sugar are good I will not go without my GAP pills.  I have so much more energy now, my friends are surprised.  Keep up the good work, the Lord has you all here for a purpose.