I’m so sorry I did not meet you all three years ago… my son would have been here.  At six years old he had fought a good fight and I am happy I did everything I could for him.  He was diagnose with brain tumor three years ago, did all his treatment but the cancer came back.  I changed his diet and I decided I was not going to let him take anymore steroid because it weakened his bones.  Someone told me about you.  I started late with your treatment but I am happy I did; the progress he made in such short space of time was remarkable, even the doctor was impressed.  I got permission to bring the special tea and his food in ICU because I did not want him eating certain thing.  I gave all organic food.  He made such great change in a few days, the doctor and others asked me what I was giving him.  I gave him Dr. Johnson’s number and they talked.  He told me he is thinking of incorporating the natural medicine in his practice.  He was impressed.