I had breast Ca in 2004.  I went through my radiation and chemotherapy treatments, at the end I continued with the chemo pills for two years.  I felt good within myself thinking everything was fine and the Cancer was gone. To my surprise it flared up again three years later with a vengeance — showing up other parts of my body.  I was given the chemo and radiation treatments again.  Although I was taking the treatments I was still not feeling well; I know something was not right in my body but I could not tell what.  Fortunately for me one day I sat down watching television and saw this lady talking about cleansing, regulating and rejuvenating the body can help the body to heal itself naturally, given the right supplements.  I immediately picked up the telephone and called.  After speaking with her I found myself to the store that evening, that’s how convincing I was.  I could not wait for the  products to be shipped to me since I was far away!  She was patient and compassionate.  She took time to explain everything to me; the information I received, I left out of that place with a whole new look on life. I started doing what I was instructed to do, today all I can say, “Thank You Father for allowing me to see that lady that day,  My life has not been the same since; today I have hope, I have peace of mind and most importantly no Pain! I am still on my cleansing program with the Special Tea from Dr. Johnson, my Daily Three, my Mega C and B-Complex.  I take  my Wheat grass every day.  I feel  great!  I even grow my own Wheat Grass and I just keep thanking God I was able to make that call to Aloe Herbs for Life, if I didn’t I know I would be in bad shape today; the cancer came back spreading.  I told the doctor I was not going to do no more radiation.  I am still under my doctor’s care.  They test me and keep monitoring me; my lymph nodes, lungs and breast are free.  People need to know about these things,   if I did three years ago I would be a better person today. Again, I just keep thanking God.  All I can say is thanks to you all please continued to help us to live healthier.  God bless you all.