I am very happy I heard you on the radio… My health has not been the same since I started taking the Daily-Three formulas.  When I go to Dialysis the nurse is always so pleased to see my blood pressure.  I don’t tell her what I am doing, I just smile to myself. The most important thing, when I come from dialysis I am not as tired like I used to be.  My husband is amazed.  He said my complexion looks better.  You know something?  I am urinating more!  Please tell Dr. Johnson to keep up the good work.  I am telling my friends about the GAP pills and the Body Healer, I love the body healer because it gives me so much energy; I am not tired when I come home from dialysis.  Some of my friends said they can’t believe I am the same person, I told them to try the product and they will see for themselves.  Thank you so much