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Delicious But Disastrous

We know that most of the people in the world like to eat sugar and chuckling ice cream and cake are always delicious to eat but sugar is not good for our health. Our body is made in such a way that we cannot consume too much of sugar especially fructose in a study it was found that the fructose is used by cancer cells to increase their number. It helps the cancer to spread faster. This could happen if you eat too much of sugar. However, we have a Diabetes Diet Menu for its Complete Removal.


Eating sugar can cause a lot of harm to our enamel obesity. Then we eat a large amount of sugar then that sugar is stored in our body as a fat and that give birth to various diseases, even drinking one bottle of soda on daily basis can increase around eighteen to twenty pounds weight per year which can cause diabetes heart problems and blood pressure.

The Seven Day Cleansing Plan

The Seven Day Cleansing Plan is a complete seven-day plan that gives you choices in order for you to do a complete cleansing. A 7-day guide to start you on your  lifestyle journey to help you cleanse, regulate and rejuvenate your body.

High blood pressure it is commonly known that high blood pressure is caused by eating salt or salty foods but eating too much sugar can also cause high blood pressure.


Diabetes is a disease which can lead to many other diseases. It’s not controlled. Most of the diabetes patients have heart and kidney problems. Diabetes can be a hereditary disease but sometimes diabetes is caused because of the high amount of sugar intake. Get a Diabetes Diet Menu to get rid of it completely.

How To Conquer Sugar DVD


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