Amazing Tips To Control Your Weight During The Holiday Season

As soon as the holiday season arrives, there is one thing which strikes our mind and that is overindulgence to mouthwatering treats such as scrumptious cakes, pies and candies. All these food items leads to one thing and that is weight gain. Moreover, studies indicate that people eat more during winter season. In order to avoid all this, there are a few tips that can be followed and you can easily control your weight to a great extent.

Sunlight Helps You To Control Your Cravings

A day without sunlight may lead to increase in the overall craving of carbohydrate intake. Less exposure to light or sunlight may lead to a disorder called as a season affective disorder. Hence, try to spend some time under sun or light therapy. This will help in increasing the serotonin levels in the body. As the overall mood becomes cheerful and happy, you eat less and your calorie intake also gets controlled.

Get Enough Exercise                                                               

Though it sounds quite difficult to jump out of the bed and start doing your exercise, but if you really wish to control your weight, you must devote sufficient time for exercise. If you are too busy and are not able to go to the gym or park, try utilizing the health apps. There are several apps that measure your daily steps. You can easily set your daily target and make sure you move that many steps to give your body a nice physical workout.

Ensure Enough Hydration And Eat Smart

Water is one such thing that can help your body stay hydrated. Keep a glass of water ready and try to drink lukewarm water during winters. By eating smart we mean eating at the right time and appropriate quality of food. One of the best things to do is to ensure heavy breakfast so that you don’t have to stay hungry for the rest of the day.

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